Zen and the Art of Being Type A

One perfectionist geek girl quest for some zen…

The First Step… May 5, 2012

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Let me start by saying that I am not a blogger by nature…I have thought about starting started a blog but usually end up doing one of several things:

  1. I make mental lists of topics to type about about in the blog but then forget
  2. I wrestle with the philosophy of what the blog should be and can’t decide and then forget
  3. I like too many themes and keep changing the name/design and give up and then forget
  4. I just plain forget

So why blog now, you say?

I have decided that my perfectionist, Type A, geeky self should work on getting some what I’d like to call ” freaking zen” going on in my life. SO I have taken the big (to me) step to make this blog as part of the “Get Some Freaking Zen” project. So in true perfectionist style, I have setup a series of goals/lists/post it notes all around my house for myself to accomplish all these awesome things floating around in my head.

The first major commitment and goal is to blog daily for one year.

*gasp…did she just say daily? For one YEAR??*

Yep, I said daily. The reason behind this huge goal is hold myself accountable and to make sure I complete all the other awesome things I want to do. However, my track record is rather poor and such a huge goal might scare off even seasoned blogger. So that is why my smart self teamed up with fellow blogger and all-around awesome person, Desert Dragonfly. She will gently remind me to blog even when I have come down with a bad case “procrastinate-itis” (it is really awful condition which makes be on pinterest for hours) and I in turn will remind her to blog too.

Well that is it for the first post…one down, 364 to go!